Well-being @ Work

Org Strategy & Employee Well-being

We build habits and processes

Build habits and processes that foster belonging and inclusion internally & externally.

Leader Well-being

We advise, lead, and provide thought-partnership

Advise, lead, and provide thought-partnership that develops executives to navigate change, uncertainty, leadership challenges, DEI best practices & missteps, and prevent burnout.

Team Well-being

We offer tools and a process to help the teams

Offer tools and a process to help teams navigate change, navigate change, uncertainty, leadership challenges, foster belonging, and prevent burnout, clarify purpose, and boost collaboration

What we help
Problems we’ve helped organizations, leaders & teams solve
New teams form process and ways of working
Leader & Team burnout
Org Changes: Mergers, Integrations, entering new product markets
Social Justice Issues: unclear plan and criteria to address internally & externally
Mental Health Issues: Supporting leaders and teams to navigate
Unclear Expectations: Leaders, Teams, Culture, and Strategic partnerships
Toxic Culture: within teams and organizations
Conflict & Disagreements: within teams and across teams
Low Motivation & Engagement: leaders & teams
DEI Launches: Organizations and teams with no DEI strategy, plan foundation internally or externally
DEI missteps: PR issues based on internal DEI culture, poor leader behavior
Services of Key Areas

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What people say
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