Waking Moments

Greetings Friend,

Do you recall your life’s waking moment(s)? Not an awakening from sleep, but that of rising above a major life circumstance, crisis, or challenge. This is the moment when your mind’s eye opens and receives perspective about the path ahead. This awakening moment shows us the potential and possibilities in our universe (both personal and collective). This awakening also plays out like an intense drama and can also be euphoric.

A more recent waking moment in my life was a slip and fall on black ice. Before the fall, I was chasing false hope and dreams; I even demanded that God show-up with a sort of arrogance. After falling, I was on the ice and snow for about 45-minutes but felt extremely warm and peaceful. This moment was spiritually liberating because everything that I thought “mattered” was no longer a concern. The false hopes and extreme desires were out of my purview in that grounding moment. I knew this fall was the Creator’s way of showing up. The Creator dialed in to wake me up. This revelation led me to say, “If this is what you want for me God, I’ll take it.” 

These awakening moments, however dramatic, provide us the opportunity to pause, reflect, and capture the message of our lives. Accepting this moment of being cold and immobile gave me greater clarity to begin answering: who am I, what I want, and why it mattered. Despite this physical limitation, my spirit was moved to trust and lean on the possibilities of what this experience would bring into my life. Aside from the pains of a ruptured quad tendon, corrective surgery, and a six-month recovery process, I gained a new mindset! 

The journey of relearning to raise and bend my knee created a symbolic death of my old self. Recovery required me to accept the pain and have peace despite it. As a result, I had to let go and put to rest any old beliefs that would hinder my recovery process. I was able to see my ghost of past limitations and fixed mindsets drift away. It was euphoric. Letting go freed me to rise and walk again. However, this time I was raised into a new mind, body, and spirit. 

Waking moments! They help create a shift in the choices we make about our lives and how we live them. What are yours?

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