Subconscious Triggers

From the very second we awake, down to the moment we lay our head to rest each night, we are guided by triggers. The sunrise is a cue that daylight has arrived. The alarm clock provokes us to arise each day. Our calendar invites serve as reminders that a meeting or deadline is on the horizon. The sunset is an indication that nightfall is on its way.  

Essentially, a trigger is a call to action for movement or even stillness. Each waking day, we encounter moments that activate reminders in us to stop or go, respond or think, reflect or write, and even advance or retreat. Therefore, we can intentionally create cues or subconscious triggers to:

  1. strengthen our minds in moments of frailty
  2. encourage our spirits in trials of doubt
  3. enable us to act when fear shows up

Create your cues so that movement similar to change is a constant.


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