Own the Gift, It’s Your Life

Greetings Friends,

Every human is gifted with a life of their own. Unfortunately, not every human knows their life is a gift they own. Ownership is often defined as, both the act and acknowledgment of “having full claim, authority, power, dominion.” 

More recently, I was reminded and drawn back to my life’s gift. Before getting to the gift, let’s start when it began in my childhood with a pen and pad. There were countless nights of being called to write down thoughts, yet not mature enough to understand the inspiration & urge to write. Nevertheless, it was simply important to follow through and record the thoughts about pain and defeat, while also capturing life’s lessons and reflections. No matter the day or time, writing was always a part of the journey. The time was sacred, private, and even evolved into a spiritual practice. Writing filled the role of a best friend, even first love at times. Unfortunately, maturing in age and with life’s demands – writing became distant and a lost connection. 

Essentially, writing felt like a transaction rather than a transformational experience. This lost connection led to a damaging soulful relationship. The “why” of writing was lost! Fortunately, navigating a series of obstacles would rekindle my soul purpose of writing – to inspire the hearts and minds of humankind. Now, the writing is music to my fingertips and rhythm that keeps my soul dancing. What an evolution! 

What’s your evolution?

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