External Changes & Internal Reflection

Greetings Friend,

Have you had the blessing to experience nature’s cycle through four different seasons? The notion of anticipating a frozen winter, the emergence of spring showers & flowers, or even the summer’s heat. Depending on your coast or global residence this may be different. What rings true is that seasons, however they may be for you, serve as timekeepers. 

As the autumn season sets in, it’s timekeeper always feels like the air.  A cool breeze begins making itself known. Plants begin withering to an orange-red and eventually drift away. The warmth and heat of the sun step back, while the days get longer and colder. These external changes impact our own outer journey. From sweaters to jeans, hats and even scarves we begin to make adjustments to remain warm in the cooler breeze. 

These external changes impact our inner experience as well. The autumn season is preparation before entering winter’s push to go inward and hibernate. The autumn season is the last lap before winter reflections of the past year and a celebratory count into New Year’s. Therefore, the autumn season is an opportunity to close out unfinished business. It is a season to harvest ripped talents, newer opportunities, and transformational lessons. It is even a season of releasing and letting go until next spring’s nurturing of newly planted seeds. 

Autumn! It teaches us the nature of cycles and the power in seasons. It teaches us to reflect on the entire year’s picture. It teaches us we can adjust in this final lap during the post Autumn season and New Year.

How are you leveraging this Autumn’s season of external changes and internal reflections?

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