Each day has its own caveats, some new & others reoccurring. Will you ignore them or use them to improve your current condition?

As I sit in my chair and look out into the gloomy skies, all I can think about are the warning signs I’ve received this week, month, and year. Am I ready to experience the storm? Am I suited for this downpour? Am I strong enough for the winds? Am I prepared to walk towards this chaos? Am I equipped with the confidence to keep me standing? Am I? Am I? Am I?

And the list continues, but the only reassurance I have is the undeniable faith embedded in my being. I have the hope of a billion believers and with this strength I am stronger than the bear, the lion, or even the force.

So, to all who find hard times to be the end readjust your thinking. Rethink your strategy. Revisit your map. Realign your route. Restructure the ideas of your challenges to now become steps to a triumphant outcome. 

I promise if you RE: everything in these hard times they will become good times. The challenges will become gifts. The trials will become opportunities. The tribulations will become regular workouts. The race will seem just like practice.

Until next time,

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