Allow Your Life Force to Guide You

Greetings Friend,

​A 3-year old says to his mother while pointing to her stomach, “It’s dark in there like a big cave.” The mother responds, “Do you remember?” The son replies, “I was in there and saw a tunnel.” This mother, child exchange is a beautiful story of our connection to an infinite life force beyond our own understanding. As children, this connection remains fresh in our memory. However, as adults, the memory seems to fade behind the noise, chaos, and circumstances… causing a loss in connection. 

Staying connected to this infinite life force allows us to maintain forward movement, despite the noise or voices of doubters. Staying connected to this infinite life force inspires us to remain calm in the midst of chaotic environments. Staying connected to this infinite life force requires us to carry out our purpose regardless of circumstance.

Allow your life force to guide you in the midst of chaos, confusion, or circumstance. It is the umbilical cord to your purpose; it carries and births

Connect with your life force!


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