Our Story

Robert “Big” Louis-Charles
Founder, Big 2Go

Our founder, Robert Louis-Charles (also known as Big), started Big 2Go at the end of college. It was an uninspiring and dark period in his life. Fortunately, he came across this quote:

“If you are uninspired by life, then go out and inspire others.” 

Big took this advice to heart and created A Big Thought. Each week, he’d write and share inspirational text messages crafted in 140 characters or less. What started as a simple source of inspiration for five family and friends grew by word of mouth into a global subscription list of more than 1,000 people. The success of A Big Thought was a reminder that:

Inspiration is a human need that should be nurtured

The success of A Big Thought, led Big on a mission to help individuals and teams achieve greater awareness. Big accomplished this throughout his career. Within universities and organizations, Big advised students and leaders to build self-knowledge. While working with for-profit and non-profit organizations, he led retreats and workshops that fostered well-being among leaders and teams. 

Recognizing the universal need to build self-knowledge and foster inner well-being, Big formed a team and built Big 2Go. With expertise from the classroom to the boardroom, Big 2Go is a destination for personal and organizational well-being. We offer personal advising services, workshops, team retreats, and wellness journals.

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