Virtual Wellness
Workshop of the Season

Life changes: Survive & Thrive

Description: We are collectively experiencing major life changes. This global pandemic has created waking moments for us all.

  • Personally, we are being asked to stay in and maintain social distance
  • Professionally, we are either working more or unfortunately, not at all
  • Spiritually, we are forced to manage the stress & anxiety of these times
  • Financially, we may be worrying, processing, or planning the future

Attend this workshop to:

  • Learn how you survive and thrive through life changes
  • Discover your personal power through life changes
  • Receive a simple method to learn more about yourself

What to bring:

  • A pen and your favorite notebook,  journal or a piece of paper  
  • Find a sacred space where you will be able to reflect with:
    • Limited distractions 
    • Relax and have “self-time”
    • Nice lighting so we can see you on screen
  • Bring yourself: be present, reflective, and ready to engage 

Workshop details: 

  • Length: 60 min workshop + 15min Wrap-up | Q&A
  • Location: Zoom (details will be shared upon registration)
  • Date & Time: Saturday, July 25 at 3:00 pm

Well-Being @ Work

Wellness matters at work too. Big 2Go works with organizations to foster a sense of well-being among leaders, teams, and within the culture.